Artist designed handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold

Retailers:   Successful merchants know their clients, have a qualified sales staff, and display merchandise well.  If not, consignment is not the answer.
Prior to placing  your first order  please call or E-mail and  I will give you  account setup information.  Yes, a State Sales Tax Certificate is required.   Initial order by Pro Forma invoice.   Ask about commission referrals.

Why no pricing?  This site is primarily for (commercial accounts) galleries and museums.  Pricing will be e-mailed upon Retail  status verification.  These items are representative of my work style and for the most part are One of a Kind. They are shown to begin a dialog with a buyer as to what would be a best "fit" for their shop.  I protect all my gallery and museum accounts.

Individuals:  Should I receive an inquiry in an area where I have a wholesale account, the  inquiry will be forwarded to that account.  If no outlet is nearby I will work directly with you.