C 2

C 1

 3/4" X 3/4"  Heavy sterling cuff Link 1/8 HDW for men or women. 
3/4" X 3/4"  Heavy sterling  cuff Link "Tic Tac Toe" for men or women.
R 2
3/4" X 1-7/8'  Three compartment (AAA Quality Lapis).  Size 6-1/2 

Artist designed handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold

R 3
1-3/4" X 3/4"  Rosarita Custom



All are one of a kind unless marked "LE" (limited edition).
R 4
9/16" X 1-5/16"  Pop Art.  Raised sterling above oxidized grid with adjustable shank. 
  Split Design
R 8
Six 5mm faceted stone split design
Double Split
Split Dichroic