2.   Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?   
          Yes, jewelry may be returned for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.  Please E-mail us within 5 days of receipt   for return authorization.  However, we are unable to refund any shipping charges.

3.   Is every piece available for immediate delivery? 
 Almost all are "one of a kind" and subject to prior sale unless marked  LE (limited edition).  If your selection "spoke" to someone else I will contact you to inquire if I can make something similar but not exact.  I will discuss the design with you and make necessary agreeable changes so as not to infringe on the original design. This is done for your peace of mind as well as the original owners.

4.   Will you duplicate a commissioned piece or from a picture I send?    
          In a word, NO.  It is not ethical.    

5.   Are your photographs taken from your brochure?    
          I do not have a brochure as my inventory changes constantly and consists mainly of "one of a kind" pieces.  Photos are taken  with a digital camera in natural light and/or color corrected lights.   By the very nature of the item being shiny, most stones being highly polished, and in the case of drusy, highly faceted, glare can at times be a problem.  When the piece is worn, the highlights and reflectivity of metal and stones are what catches the eye and adds to the desirability of the piece.

 1.   What is your mission statement ?     
          We strive to provide desirable jewelry at reasonable prices and treat all our clients as we would like to be treated.

Artist designed handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold

6.   Can I purchase faceted stones , cabochons, and drusy?    
          Yes, but only to be incorporated into a piece I fabricate.  Rose and I do a fair amount of traveling and like to purchase our stones  directly from individual vendors, lapidaries, and where they are mined.   It is important we feel and  see the quality of the stone before purchasing.       

8.    Is my personal information safe?  
           Yes, I guarantee we will not violate your privacy.  That means all the bad things you can think of will not happen.

9.   Is my credit card information secure?         
           Yes, Pay Pal is fully encrypted and safe.

Taking a break after buying Peruvian Opal in Lima, Peru
10.  Can I change the color or type of stone on a finished piece seen on this website?   
             In some cases yes and some no.   Please ask.

7.    Is your work Hallmarked and quality stamped?
            Yes,  Either the text "925 Rabbs" or the outline of  a left facing rabbit as well as the quality will be stamped on the back of the piece.