Note:  All dimensions are (approx) total width by total height without earwire.

Artist designed handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold

All are one of a kind unless marked "LE" (limited edition).
E 71
1/2 X 1-1/2" Amorphic silver with gold Drusy button.  Post mount. 
E 46
5/8 X 1-1/4" Rainbow of colorful semi-precious stones.
E 48
5/8 X2-1/8" Sterl. with dichroic header, 5mm syn. ruby and spinel, adventurine.
E 62
1-3/4 X2" Mobile with 6 semi-precious half drilled stones and one pearl. 
E 23
E 68
E 50
1-5/8 X 2-1/8" Lattice 14k Gold Filled hammered and slightly curved. 
1-1/2 X 1-5/8' Uvarovite Drusy (Russia) with fine sterling chain. 
2-1/4" Diameter sterling Rings of Saturn with native american stampings and tube set Syn. Ruby to allow light from the back. 
3/4 X 2-1/4" Sterling with Pilot Mt. Turquoise and Baltic Amber with open back allowing light to show beautiful inclusions. 
E 54
E 63
E 30
E 84
1/8 X 2-5/8" with 42 colored faceted stones. 
3/4 X 1-12" Nickel Magnesite and Rosarita. 
7/8 X 2-1/4" Lapis and Spiney Oyster. 
3/4 X 2-1/4" 14k gf & silver discs
E 19