About  The Artist

Rose is my walking show-room as well as my design assistant and color-coordinator of the many creations fabricated in my studio in sunny Hobe Sound, Florida.

Artist designed handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold

 (short version-without all the fluff)

   Brookhaven Jr. College - Certificate of Completion           
   Richland College - Certificate of Completion
   Dallas Craft Guild - Certificate of Completion
   Stewart's International School for Jewelers -Diploma
   Glass-fusing....   Diamond setting-pave.....   Numerous miscellaneous technique and equipment seminars


Richard works at the request of his clients both men and women in either silver, gold or a combination of the two!  His forte is making colorful one of a kind pieces.  His favorite saying is "I fabricate jewelry they'll fight over when you're gone!".  He has been making contemporary jewelry for over thirty five years by coaxing metal and stones into something you wear that makes you feel happy and others envious.

Artist's Statement
The bottom line is: "I enjoy helping people design their special piece for themselves or as a gift.  My creations are hand fabricated (not cast) by torch soldering, forging, hammering, piercing, or chasing to name only a few techniques.  I cannot emphasize enough that each piece is made by hand and yes you will see that everything is not perfect but feels good to the touch, looks unique, and has real charm.

(Does it matter)